Owner Operators United Incorporated
Representing Owner Operators and Company Drivers Worldwide

Letter from The President of OOU Inc.


I would like to personally thank you for coming to the OOU Inc website. please feel free to check it out. If there is anything that you would like to
see changed please drop me an email.
In the meantime, please take the time to fill out the Join OOU page in full, we now accept credit cards & checks thru paypal.

Our goal is and always will be to stand united for the betterment of the American trucker & the trucking industry. The OOU Inc. will always be in the fight to make life on the road easier, & less costly.

We are setting up Corporate sponsors nationwide to give discounts to our members & to offer assistance to our members.
The OOU Inc has State Representatives that live in each state in the USA, this assures equal & fair representation to all members, where ever they live. Our state board members are working hard everyday to help the industry within their state.
OOU Inc members are invited to a host of  events thru out the year. So plan on some fun.
Our membership dues will remain low to allow everyone to join.
The OOU Inc was started by truckers for truckers & their family’s, including but not limited to scholarships for drivers kids.

We stand for ALL Drivers not just owner operators, our membership base is made up of owner operators, co. drivers, brokers, shippers, dispatchers, ect., and the list goes on & on.

Please accept my personal invitation to join today, you’ll be glad you did.
Dan Little
President- Owner Operators United Inc.